Friday, June 15, 2007


Yesterday I went shopping to get something for Bobby, My dad and FIL for Fathers day. I went to sears first and looked for the Mechanics gloves that he wanted. The ones he wanted they didnt have his size. Left there and walked to Old Navy. I wanted to see what 4th of July stuff they had for Ryleigh. I got a red dress, An Old navy hat, ad a pair of way too cute lil size 1 flip flops. (Yes she has very small feet for her age) I got Bobby a flag T-shirt and me a flag tank. I went to JCP and bough Ryleigh a skirt to go with a shirt my mom got her. I went back to sears and got 2 shirts for me, i got Bobby a magnetic mat for when he works on cars and a long magnet thingy to reach things that fall when your working on a car. I went to walmart and got a card for my dad, and Bobby and little bottles of Bon Bons nail polish for Ryleighs toes, and a nail file for me. All that shopping for the "dads" and I think I spent more on me and I did go back to sears later with Bobby and he found that the large gloves fit fine and got those, and an oragization boz for nuts and bolts and things. You would think he actually works on a lot of cars with all that stuff he

I liked the magnet mat and magnet thingy so much I got one for my dad. And I am making him 2 saw horses, since we borrowed his 3 years ago and they got ruined...oops. (yes you did read it right, I am making the saw horses, Bobby is there supervising though )