Thursday, June 7, 2007


At the old house we got all kinds of cable channels. When we moved here, he hooked everything up, but we were missing a whole bunch of channels. He said someone must have made a mistake at the old house because we werent supposed to get those channels. A few months ago FIL was channel surfing and I discovered that all of the sudden we got all the "cool" channels again. Well.....I turned on the TV yesterday and they took them back again! Damn cable people! Now miss Ryleigh doesnt get to watch Disney anymore :(


Shephard said...

No Disney Channel? Poor kid! :(
I love the name Ryleigh; great way to spell it.

Michele says hello!

Carmi said...

I'd love to cancel our cable altogether. We can practically download anything they ever want to watch - for free!

And many networks now offer their shows on their websites, free and on-demand.

Have high-speed Internet connection, will travel.


BTW, I saw your link on Michele's site today and thought I'd follow it home. Nice to e-meet you! Hope you'll pop my site, too.