Monday, June 4, 2007

Dance Recital

Yesterday I went to Haylee, 5.5 yrs, and Meghan's , 7.5 yrs, dance recital. It was so cute to watch them up there on stage. They did such a great job!

The recital overall was cute. One of my favorites was a ballet routine. They danced to the song Jet plane (I think that's the name of it....I'm leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again...KWIM??) There were 3 boys dressed in Camo pants and army shits with dog tags and the girls would dance around them. It was REALLY cute! There was another with 4 little girls Probably 4 yrs old. They came out on tricycles and then got off and danced. The one little girl looked like she was SOOOOO Excited to just be up there on stage, she was dancing all over the place...not even close to the routine. The girl beside her is just standing there looking at her like "what the heck are you doing, thats not how it goes!" It was so funny. Then at the end all of the girls were supposed to get on the tricycles and leave the stage. The first 2 girls left, the 3rd little girl was on her bike and the last little girl was STILL dancing her lil heart out. It was so cute!


Teresa said...

haha! That sounds too funny! We are thinking of putting Emma in dance and that makes me want to even more. She is four years old, but she is the height of a two year old (and a really tiny 2 yr old!). She is super coordinated though. I don't know why I'm telling you this. Anyway, that sounded so cute!