Thursday, July 5, 2007

Im a damn good Mom!

OMG I give my 7 month old daughter beef stew, tuna helper, 3 cheese potatos, mashed potatoes w/ veggies, Cheerios in formula and thoses baby puffs and wagon wheels! Surely shes gonna choke! Do you honestly think I would give my daughter something to make her choke or die! Are you freaking kidding me! For one I dont let her out of my sight when shes eating. I give her 1 at a time and make sure its gone. And two, Its all things that are soft. The puffs are FOR BABIES, and the cheerios are soggy. Yes I know she doesnt have any teeth, how could I not know? Shes my daughter. I know everything about her down to the exact placement of her birthmarks, her lil crooked toes, and her cute lil pucker butt. Do you know that I love her more than life? I would die for her? I get up at least once every night to make sure shes breathing if she doesnt wake me up for a feeding. I take walks with her, I read to her, I play peek-a-boo, and patty cake with her. I sing silly songs to her. Shes ALWAYS wearing something clean. Im also proud to say that I get all the stains out of her clothes. Sometimes it takes 2 washes, but I do it. Shes always bathed and smelling nice. I would say that I do a damn good job with her.....wouldnt you? Shes still alive isnt she? I must be doing something right!


Jessica said...

You are a GREAT mom!! And if someone said something to you to inspire you to write this...i'll go kick their a$$es lol.

Laura McIntyre said...

Was someone giving you grief Tiffany ? , From seeing your pictures and reading your words you sound like a wonderful mother - Ryleigh could't ask for better. Kids don't need teeth to chew, do you ever use your front teeth for more than biting off stuff? . There gumbs as as hard at teeth anyways.