Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The evaluation was mainly for me to fill out paperwork and talk to her about my concerns. She asked a ton of questions. I chose 2 specialist to come and evaluate Ryleigh. (You have to pick 2). The first lady is for her physical development. Maily gross motor. The second lady is for overal development. She will check Ryleigh in all areas to see if shes lacking anywhere else. (I dont think she is at all) After that appt. I will meet with the lady I met with today. We will discuss the findings and decide if I want 1 or both women to come back if thats necessary, and we will decide how often. With in the next 2 weeks the specialist will be calling to set up appts. So I will update everyone after that.


Christina said...

Sending vibes for positve evaluations! It will be good to have firm answers regardless. but to me, I wouldn't worry too much...she seems perfectly normal to me! There's a big range of what's "normal" and she's just taking her time with getting on the move.

Laura McIntyre said...

Hugs, i just know the evaluation will go great, im with Christina and would't worry nothing has sent up red flags for me with her developement and i done alot of reading about this with Rebeccas problems