Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yesterday I got selected to do a 4 hr focus group on a court case. We signed in and got our name tags. Sat in the room and did introductions about ourselves. There were microphones on the table and a camera at the front of the room. After everyone introduced themselves the plantiff told us his case. Then the defense. We took a 20 min break, then we pretended to be the jury and we debated about it. I think I did pretty good. I definitly voiced my opinion. I was really nervous, having to talk and possibly have someone get mad that I didnt share there opinion, but I stood my ground. I did have someone snap back once but I handled it well. Im not really outspoken with people I dont know, and I was the youngest one there. It was by far the easiest $100 ive ever made!


Kimberly said...

Hey, where do I sign up? :) That sounds like a quick (and legal!) way to make $100. :)

Christina said...

Too cool, you go girl! Sign me up too! Actually sounds kinda fun

Laura McIntyre said...

$100 for 4 hours? How cool - hopefully you get to treat yourself