Friday, October 12, 2007

Ryleigh's Developmental Update

I had the big meeting with Birth to three yesterday to see if Ryleigh qualified for services. They determined that she was slightly delayed and may have a sensory disorder/problem. Also discussed with them about Ryleigh's behavior. She seems to get really mad/frusterated a lot. They asked about specific times when its the worst. I said changing her clothes and diaper were the worst, but there are also a lot of other times. They said that it might be because of a sensory problem. There will just be 1 specialist coming to the house once a week. She will start coming next thursday and we will meet probally on thursdays @4 all the time if that works out for both of us. So she will come and give me tips on how I can work with Ryleigh and help her to get moving and observe her further for the sensory problem.


Teresa said...

She sounds exactly like TS when it comes to changing clothes and diaper changes. He is horrible at laying there. He fights and cries and it takes me four times as long to get him dressed as it would if he would just cooperate! And here I thought it was just because he was a boy! hehe...she sounds pretty normal to me, but I know it's more than just that part that you are worried about and I think it's very smart of you to be cautious and making sure you are monitoring everything. I hope in the end it'll prove that she is just fine...but if not, then she'll have been taken care of along the way! Keep us posted on everything!

Laura McIntyre said...

Looking forward to hearing updates, hope you managed to get to the root of the problem soon

Christina said...

You must feel relieved to finally be getting some answers. She sounds a lot like my cousin, who used to have a lot of sensory issues like that and also a lot of diet issues...but after going through therapy for a while, she is a perfectly "normal" 7 year old now! Good luck.