Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on Us

My baby girl is 11 months old today. Ive been planning her 1st birthday for about a month+ now. I have a lot of things done. I have to get invitations out, get her 1 year pictures done (get her a dress, and get favors together. I think I will wait till they RSVP that way I can buy specific things for specific people. There will be a wide variety of ages and I cant give a 1 yr old the same thing as a 6 1/2 yr old.

Ryleighs development is moving along nicely. Shes pulling up to standing consistantly and on EVERYTHING. We are working on getting her to put her back to the couch this week to try and get her to stand w/o holding on to anything and then to stand w/o touching anything. We are also working on her standing facing the couch and reaching to the L. and R. to get things then coming back to the center w/o falling, and reaching down to get things. That one isnt going to well. When she reaches down she flops all the way over instead of coming back up to standing.

Overall shes doing very well. We have been doing a lot of fall/halloween events lately. We went to Boo at the Zoo, and a costume party at a local soft play area. We had a great time.

Ive been working really hard on a 1 year slideshow for Ryleigh's party. Im really excited about it. I hope everyone enjoys it. I will try to make a shortened version for online viewing.


Tara Poulsen said...

You are better than I am, I haven't even started planning. I know when I want to have it, and who I want to invite, and that's about it.....WTG on the pulling up! Savannah did it once and not since then.

Christina said...

Almost one year old...that was us last year! Now we're gearing up for TWO! Nadia and Ryleigh are almost exactly one year apart in age. You're doing betetr than me with planning the party...I'm not even sure yet when we're doing it! LOL!

Sounds like your girl is growing and devloping really well. I'm sure all those physical things will resolve themselves with time...but it's good you're working with her on it.

Cuau said...

Sounds like Ms. Ryleigh is doing great! She looks so very happy! And how exciting the one year mark! I can't wait to start planning Izel's. Keep us posted on the bday!! At least we can see pics

Mandy Jo said...

She is doing great! Can you believe we are planning 1st birthdays?

Laura McIntyre said...

Ryleigh is coming along great, i realy don't think you have much to worry about with her development. Any day now im sure you will be blogging about those first wobbly steps.

Your so prepared for her party, Eilidhs is in a week and a half and we have not even done the invites yes.

Ohh im looking forward to seing the slide show (another thing not even started yet, still trying to find the perfect songs) , would love to see the full lenght one to

Kandy said...

Party planning seems to be in the air this year. I have started planning Shelby's party too. I can't believe that our kids are a year old already it seems like yesterday that we were all chatting about being pregnant. Hope all is well with you and yours.