Friday, October 5, 2007

Ryleigh's Dr. Visit

I ended up calling the Dr. this morning and they wanted to see her. They checked her temp and it was 100.9, her ears were clear, she has a yellow runny nose and a cough. He said it was a cold. Im glad its just a cold and not her ears again. Normally I would have waited, but with it being friday I didnt want to have to take her to the ER again if things got worse. So I figured a quick dr. trip would ease my mind. I still dont really understand why she would have a fever like that with a cold though. Who knows. I just hope shes up to having a good weekend. I will take lots of pics this weekend to make up for not taking any this week. Can you believe that? I havent picked up the camera at all this week! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for Ryleigh.


Laura McIntyre said...

Poor kid is just not getting a break, hope the ears stay better. Think we all get like that with the camera sometimes, looking forward to seing some new pics soon though

Mandy Jo said...

glad her ears are clear. Just watch her closely, Jacobs ears were clear one day and infected the next. But to make you feel better, Kenzie gets a fever with her colds, still have no idea why. She has since she was a wee one.