Friday, October 19, 2007


My SIL called the other day and told me that she signed my neice, Olivia up for a girl scouts group. When she signed her up she recognized the house, but couldnt remember why. She got home and told her DH and gave him the address. He said thats the house of a sexual offender! They looked it up on the internet and sure enough thats where the guy lives. The meetings are at a nearby church and you drop your child off for 2 hrs. SIL called the district leader and brought the situation up to her, and she didnt even seem concerned! She said she would look into it. SIL has decided not to send Olivia since she cant stay there with her. I looked it up and it said it was a child that he molested. What is the world coming to when you cant even send your kid to girl scouts!


Anonymous said...

Your SIL should be able to attend the meetings , too. She should be able to pay the joining fee and become a "member". Atleast that is how it works in WV...I will be doing that when I sign H up in a few weeks...tell her to talk to the district leader about it. ~Kim

Christina said...

wow, that is sad. And scary that the troupe leader doesn't seem bothered by the idea. Maybe your SIL can be an assistnat troupe leader and be there with Olivia?