Friday, October 5, 2007


Its been a long week, and I am so glad today is Friday! Ryleighs doing better. She still feels like she has a slight fever, but I cant get a good reading when shes flailing around like a bucking bronco. I even have one of those thermometers that are supposed to take a 3-6 sec. reading and I still cant do it. Shes still been more fussy than normal also. I might call the Dr this morning just to see what they thing. Since its Friday I want to make sure shes OK before the weekend.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow we are going to take Ryleigh to her first Prade and then check out all the sites at the festival. On Sunday we are going to a birthday party for Anna who will be turning 6. It should be a fun weekend. I hope Ryleigh is feeling up to it.


Laura McIntyre said...

Poor Ryleigh, hope she is all better and upto all the fun at the weekend

Mandy Jo said...

Glad Ryleigh is doing better, I don't blame you for calling before the weekend. Kids always get worse on the weekend, it seems!
How fun a parade and a birthday party, hope Ryleigh is feeling better and able to enjoy it.

Christina said...

with all the craziness this week, I never got to send Ryleigh well wishes. I hope she is feeling better very soon, and you are able to do all those fun things planned for the weekend!