Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ryleigh's Halloween Costume

This is Ryleighs costume that she wore last year:

And this is the costume she will wear this year:
She absolutly hates the hat on this costume and throws a fit every time I try and put it on Hopefully she will get use to it before we have to wear it out. She looks so darn cute it in though! So what will your kids be this year?


Christina said...

She looks totally adorable in her costume, but I must say last year's costume makes me laugh even more!! How funny! Nadia will be a kitty cat...we went to the store and let her pick it out a few nights ago. As soon as I can get some decent pictures of her in it, I'll be posting about it.

Tara Poulsen said...

OMG that picture of your belly is just too much. Hilarious. Ryleigh does look cute in her costume. Savannah is going to be a Hershey's Kiss and Jacob will be a Hershey bar (I think...). She kind of likes the hat because we totally play up "oh look how cute you are"--but we haven't tried the whole thing on yet.

BTW, we got a Nikon D40. Its fabulous. Save your money or tell everyone that you want one so they give you gift cards towards it.

Laura McIntyre said...

That is the cutest lamb i have ever seen, i mean how much more adorable can she get? Love the pumkin belly - did you share last year and i just don't remember?

Mrs. Thacker said...

that is just toooo darn cute!!!!