Monday, June 4, 2007

Weed Eater

Bobby was out in the garage, so Ryleigh and I took a walk out there. I brough her bumbo and she sat and watch Bobby fixing the weed eater. When I got down there he had it all torn apart. He said that it needed cleaned and put back together to see if he could get it started. He put a wire brush thing on the front of the drill and I cleaned some of the pieces. He let me put it back together too. He told me where everything went, but I was screwing the pieces back together. I did a pretty good job. When we got it back together it still didnt start though. Probally didnt help that Bobby dropped a part and bent it. And then put another part in the vice and bent it. When he tryed to unbend them the pieces flew Im sure that didnt help things. Oh well. I guess its time for a new one. It was fun though hanging out with him in the "man garage" and getting my hands dirty....hehe.