Wednesday, August 29, 2007

9 Month Well Baby visit

Today was Ryleigh's 9mo. appt. For the most part it went well, but in the end I did get some bad news. First off her height and weight are doing fine. She's 17lbs 5.5oz (25th%tile) and 28 1/2" (87th%tile). The nurse said shes "long and lean" LOL. I talked the Dr. about her physical development. She isn't pulling up, crawling, standing, putting weight on her legs. Normally I wouldnt be concerned, because I know all babies do things at different times. But for a month or so, she would stand next to things if we put her there. Now she will not at all, and that worries me. Anyway her evaluation is on wed. at 3pm (the 5th).


Tara Poulsen said...

I thought she was standing? In your contest picture, she looks like she is standing. Don't let what the doctor says worry you. My older son, Jacob, did not crawl until he was 9 months old, or walk until he was 14 months old and he is just fine. I think I was 18 months before I walked. Every baby progresses at their own rate. Savannah does not pull up yet either and she sort of half crawls. She does not move her legs back and forth, she more like army crawls or gets up on all fours and then pushes herself forward. And she for sure has Savannah beat on the weight. I will be happy if she weighs 15 pounds at her next appointment. I will be thinking of you and Ryleigh, please keep us posted.


Tara Poulsen said...

Oh I forgot something. I would never hate your decision to stay home with Ryleigh! I envy that you are able to do it, and I understand perfectly your hesitation to leaving her with a stranger. Two weeks ago, I had to start leaving Savannah with a babysitter. We were lucky to find a wonderful woman who comes to our house but it is still hard. Luckily I work close by our house so I can come home and see Savannah at lunch but it still sucks. Don't let anyone try to tell you that you are wrong for leaving her with a stranger. Your instincts as her mother are correct.

Laura McIntyre said...

Aww Tiffany, Hugs to you guys . Ryleight is pefect, kids really do do stuff in there own time Rebecca really taught me that. I really don't think 9 months is to old to not be crawling yet - Becs started army crawling then but not on all fours and pulling up and stuff till 11 months. I have came across plenty of parents who have kids that did't crawl to after a year.
Im sure the evaluation will show she is just working on other skills just now - she is such a happy child is't she?
Rebecca was always a great natured happy child who made me think motherhood was the easiest thing ever, Eilidh is doing plenty more that Rebecca at this age but is so high needs these days - i do know which one i prefer.

Cuau said...


Don't worry about it, I'm sure she is just fine. As you said every babe is different. Just give her sometime and she'll all over the place!

Kimberly said...


I won't tell you not to worry, because Mommy's ALWAYS worry about their children. That's just what we do. Everyone else is right though. Children truly develop at their own rate and I've read over and over that if they're concentrating on one skill (like babbling perhaps) they completely forget about other skills they have already, or will soon pick up. Perhaps that's the case with Ryleigh? She's such a beautiful baby!

gautami tripathy said...

It is natural for you to worry. But babies are different. When you least expect it, they stand up and start walking. So look out for that.

Michele sends hugs for her with me. Me too!!

Russ said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with the little one. Not to worry, my nephew was about 3 months behind in his development as a baby but now he is 12 years old and the star wide receiver on his Pop Warner football team and is the speediest of them all!!

BreadBox said...

Good luck with this --- and really, babies do do things on their own schedule. Apparently on my first birthday I stood up, walked across the room (first walking ever), sat down, and didn't walk again until I was 18 months old.
Perhaps Ryleigh's doing something similar: "Pull myself up on things? Of course I *can*, but that is just so Yesterday!"

Michele sent me,

Mr. Althouse said...

Just wait until she is almost 18, almost 20 and 23. You think you're worried now!

Relax, kids have and uncanny way of growing up just as they should despite the parents level of worry.

Three adult sons later and just a few gray hairs - I'll take that.

Michele sent me,


Teresa said...

I'd say "don't worry!" but I know that would be silly because that is what moms do - we worry. It sounds like you are being smart and cautious and making sure things are fine.

As you said, it's completely normal for kids to be at different stages at different ages and completely normal for her to not be crawling or doing much else at this age.

One thing that might help ease a bit of your worry is some experience I had with Emma. When she was four months old, she rolled over. She didn't do it again until she was 5 months old. I remember she started walking at 12 months, but she wouldn't do it again until 15 months! (she was totally able to, but she fell down at 12 months and waited until 15 months to really start walking).

I think some children are more thoughtful/cautious about things. I'm not saying there is nothing wrong with your sweet baby girl, but there are VERY high chances that she is completely normal and that she is being very cautious and trying stuff out and then not doing it anymore because she's giving it lots of thought and will try again in a while. Emma was totally like that. With almost every stage of her development she would try it out and then wait a while before she would do it regularly.

Keep us posted! Oh, and on your previous post, you sound so much like me! I never leave my kids with anyone but family and I do that rarely. I prefer to be the caretaker. As you said, it may not work for everyone, but for some of us it is the preferred way. Do what you feel comfortable with and never let any pressure push you into anything you don't like.

I hope you are doing okay. Let me know if you ever need to chat.

:-) Teresa