Tuesday, August 14, 2007


One of my online Moms groups is turning out to be very motivational in many ways. They have always made me want to be the best mom I possibly can to Ryleigh. They have always helped me in whatever questions I threw at them. Now we are turning a new corner and helping others get motivated to do things like loose weight, and set goals and stick to them along with helping answer questions about the babies. Today one of the members posted her daily goal and her weekly goal. Quickly several others followed suit On Friday I will check in and see how they did with their goals and tell them if I accomplished mine or not. My daily goal was to straighten the house and fold the laundry that I washed friday. (yes, you heard me right. I washed and dryed 3 loads friday and only folded 2 loads friday. I got board what can I say...lol) My weekly goal is to walk at least 3 times this week. So far I have accomplished my daily goal. I walked last night, and I am planning on walking again tonight. If you would like to join in and set daily/weekly goals email me at Kipani4jc@aol.com.


Laura McIntyre said...

Good luck with your goals Tiffany, i always set myself a couple of weekly tasks. It really helps