Sunday, August 5, 2007

Columbus Zoo Part 2

After the carousel we went to see some kangoroos and orangatans. The orangatan looked like he was having a rough day! Then we went to see the Otters and went to lunch. Ryleigh was alittle mad to see that she was getting buttered noodles and not daddy's Sandwich or Mommy's yummy pizza. Poor Ryleigh :( Then it was off to the Gorillas. Then it was off to the Chimps. Now that was GROSS! Ive never seen a room full of people clear out so fast. Heres what happend... First he catches the poo coming out! Then he proceeded to EAT the POO and play with it! Dont they feed these animals? After that we saw some other animals then went to see the Manatee tank. After that all 3 babies were awake at the same time, so we sat them down for a group shot. Do you know how hard it is to get 3 babies to look up? Here is Ryleigh looking confused, Nicholas looking at someone, and Jacob saying "Thats it you took too long, Im outa here!"