Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Eye Exam and New Friend

This morning I had an eye exam at 8:30am. Its so hard to get out of the house and be at an appt. that early, but we made it. My eyes have gotten worse :( but then again, I could have told you that. It sucks not having eye insurance also. Anyway, I have 2 different brands of contacts in, and I have to go back to the eye Dr. in 1 week and tell him which one I like best, then we order them.

After the appt i went to the park to meet a lady named Jaclyn. I met her online. She has 2 girls. Her youngest is 6 months old, and her name is Ryleigh. Spelled just like my Ryleigh! She seemed very nice! The babies swang, and sat on a blanket and check each other Hopefully we can set up some more play dates and hang out. I need some friends that have kids Ryleighs age. There are a few other moms online that live around here that Ive been talking to.


Laura McIntyre said...

Thats great your out and about maken new friends, i have been trying to do the same lately . Sorry about your friend though, sometimes people just drift apart. I have a friend with a daughter a few months older than Rebecca and while i feel we should have been brought closer with parenting it seems to have drifted us apart (our parenting styles are soooooo diffrent)