Sunday, August 5, 2007

Columbus zoo Part 3 The final Chapter :(

After some more animals the day was coming to an end. Mandy Jo and John has an 8 hr trip back home and had to said they had to go around 3:30. We took a group shot of the moms and their babies. I had such a wonderful day with everyone, and It was so nice finally getting to meet people that I have shared my pregnancy, birth and motherhood with for the past year and a half. When I met them, it was like we had known each other forever and we were just catching up. I hope we will be able to do this again sometime, on a cooler day, and have more people be able to join in on the fun! At 430pm we were back on the road headed for home. After we got on I-70 we found a McDonalds. We went through the drive thru and parked. I fed Ryleigh and Bobby ate. We got back on the interstate. Aboutut 30 min later I saw this Blue Ford truck with a PA Liscens plate and an full cab. I told Bobby that it might be Mandy Jo. The truck was already driving over the speed limit, so we couldnt pass to see if it was. I took a picture of it to show Mandy Jo and to ask her if it was them. Then the truck shifted lanes and I saw a car. I read the liscens plate and it was Mandy Jo's Last name! I started yelling "THATS MANDY JO! THATS MANDY JO!" Bobby said Are you sure? I said "It has to be! Thats her last name! Who else is going to be traveling the same time we are, going the same direction with there last name?" Bobby sped up a little and we got beside her. We waved and giggled and waved and giggled, and waved and giggled some I knew they were traveling the same interstate, but I never thought we would see them. I thought they were stopping to eat somewhere, and then we stopped at McD's for a few min. When I went back and looked at the picture of the blue truck I realized that her car was in the picture! I was too focused on the truck to see Anyway after that we had some fun in the car. I will have to save that for another blog though. We passed the Mall in St. C and we thought we were Home free! Little did we know after we passed the bridgeport exit that traffic was at a STAND STILL. There is a bridge in the distance in the picture above. Thats the bridge we needed to cross! Our 2 1/2 hr trip home turned into a 4 hr trip! Cars were turning around in the construction lane and going back up the interstate in the wrong direction. A car decided to cut us off at the on ramp and it was either stop the car and let him in unwillingly or be hit by the S.O.B. Had Ryleigh not been in the car we would have made a scene. All in All we had a great day and we made it home safe and sound. The end.


christinator said...

What a great day! Except for the traffic at the end. but that's so neat that you got to meet some of your online buddies; I would LOVE to do that sometime, but everyone lives so far away! We went to the zoo a few weeks ago but it was so hot and humid we only stayed about an hour.

Mandy Jo said...

It was such a great time and I am so glad we finally got to meet! You have a great family.

Laura McIntyre said...

I loved reading about the trip, i would so of loved to have came with you guys. Maybe one day we will all get to meet