Friday, August 24, 2007

A week full of "firsts"

Little miss Ryleigh is on a roll this week!! So far shes gotten her first tooth, clapped and says "ay" (her version of Yay!), waves, sits up on her own (from laying down) and today at dinner she stuck her tongue out and My mom and dads friend Don taught her that one.


Laura McIntyre said...

Yah Ryleigh, don't you feel its just milestone after milestone at this age? Time is going way to fast

Shane said...

She could be in good company with most 80 year olds too. :)

cheers from Michele's and congratulatins on your blossoming blogger award

Carly said...

Yea Ryleigh!!! Ryleigh and Brooklyn would have so much fun together. Brooklyn spits and blow bubbles all the time- especially in the car!! They are growing up before our eyes!!!