Sunday, August 5, 2007

Columbus Zoo Part 1

Yesterday, Aug. 4th, was the BIG day! I finally got to meet Mandy Jo, Cathy and their families! My Day started at 5:45 with my darling Ryleigh waking me up. At 7am we were on the road for the 2 1/2 hr drive to the Zoo. The trip there went very well! At about 9am Ryleigh started getting fussy, so I made her a bottle and gave it to her. She drank a little then threw it. Since she wasnt fussing and we were almost there, I just left her be. We go in the parking lot at 9:30am. Got everything laoded into the stroller, fed/changed Ryleigh. Put sunscreen on everyone and we were off to the zoo. We were the first ones there. About 5 min later I spotted little miss Kenzie! Then I saw Mandy Jo, John and Jacob!!!! WOO HOO. Mandy gave me a big hug and we talked for a while. Cathy called and said she was running late so we started walking around the zoo. We planned to meet her at the carousel in about 25 min. We walked through the reptile room and saw snakes, turtles, the white alligator, more snakes, Lizards etc. Nothing really that interesting. Then we saw some Penguins and Tortuses. Then we went to the Carousel to find Cathy and her kids. After she came, we all rode the Carousel (except for Bobby who gets sick on spinny Ryleigh seemed to like it. I think she liked the big gold shinny pole the most.