Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bobby's Company Picnic

Today was Bobby's company picnic. (for some reason I thought it was yesterday) For a big corporation like walmart, the picnic part of it SUCKED big time! There were about 50 people there (thats including family members). All they had to eat were hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips and cake. They games for the kids were dropping a clothes pin in a jar, and hula hooping. The prizes were crayons, markers, pencils and pen, and bubble gum. The adults and kids that wanted to compete for a door prize were given 4 tickets. We had to walk 1 mile. Every 1/4 mile there was a milk jug and you would drop a ticket into it. The picked the winners later. We will see if we won tomorrow when Bobby goes to work. There was an awsome playground there. So we ended up having alot of fun with his mom, sister and her 2 kids. Here are some pictures. Check my myspace page for more.

Me LMAO because that slide clearly wasnt ment for a 26 yr old!

Me and SIL on this stand up teater toter thing.

Im Queen of the mountain! (No how in the hell do I get DOWN!)

"Im the princess of the mountain mommy!"


Laura McIntyre said...

How fun, looks like you guys had a lovely time. I can just imagine Ryleigh in a few months time running around the park