Monday, August 13, 2007

Weight Loss

Ive been trying to loose weight ever since I have had Ryleigh. I managed to loose all the "baby weight" very quickly. By the time I had my post partum check it was almost all gone. I was so overwhelmed in the beginning that I would forget to eat all day. Bobby would come home from work at 4:30pm and I still hadnt eaten anything! It wasnt that I was starving myself, I just simply got busy and forgot. Anyway, not I have to get the fat off. I would like to loose 15-20 lbs. I have a weight loss buddy, thanks Shay, that is going to keep me motivated. Also I figured if I wrote it on here, I might be more inclined to stick with it. So here goes! Tomorrow is the big day. I will take pictures of myself in my skivies, then give them a good look. That will be my motivation. Every 2 months I will take new ones. No, I will not be posting them on here. I will take pictures that I can post on here though. I will also be starting a food journal. I want to try and walk at least 3x a week, and do some ab, butt and thigh workouts also. I will post a weekly update and let you know how im doing :)


Laura McIntyre said...

Good luck with the weight loss, i need to get back on my diet been terrible the last few days

~Cathy~ said...

I really need to join you! I'd lost almost 20 lbs right before I got pregnant with Nicholas. I was walking on the treadmill daily, doing yoga twice a week, AND watching what I ate. First time in my life I'd actually been able to stick to a diet!

Now that Nicholas is here, I cannot get the same motivation back. :( I keep telling myself, I'll do it tomorrow. :(