Saturday, August 11, 2007

Doggie Funnies/Temperament

Harley has a new trick. I think we may have given him a complex about his weight. We've been calling him chunky, chunker, Chunky monkey, etc. Now whenever he needs to go through a door he will nudge it open. It opens about a foot. Plenty of room for his little body to get through! Nope, that's not enough room, so he thinks. He nudges it again. Still not wide enough. He isn't happy until the door slams against the closet doors!

Harley and Chopper both LOVE the water. Harley is very calm in the water. He will walk around the tub, sit in the shower, swim around the pool (he can barley touch) and run in the hose water and jump to get to the water. Chopper on the other hand is a WILD MAN when it comes to water. he cant just stand in the tub and let me have a bath, he has to dig at the water. He doesn't stop digging till there isn't anymore water. Showers, forget it, he stands there and snaps at the water, jumps and goes psycho. The same with the hose.

Its amazing how different both of them are. Harley is very gentle with how he does things. When he drinks water in the dish he gently laps it up. He doesn't spill a single drop. Chopper gulps that water and there is a puddle of water a foot around the dish

At night Chopper turns into a little snuggler. I think he feels bad for me, because the baby snuggles about as good as rock He curles up next to my chest and hes sound asleep. Harley will go under the covers and lay his head over my feet keeping them nice and toasty. I love my dogs very much! They aren't too spoiled are they? Do you have pets that you spoil?


Mike said...

It is perfectly normal to spoil our children/pets. We have two cats who "own" us.

Michele sent me today.

Karen said...

I have a cat and a dog. I definitely don't spoil them but try my best to give them love. The dog is definitely a messy drinker! Drives me nuts!

Hope you're having a good weekend. Michele sent me.

Maria said...

It is obvious that you truly love your dogs.
We have a doxie and two parrots. I write about them frequently. I cannot imagine being without a pet or two around me.

I scrolled down and looked at photos of your baby. She is adorable and I love her name and the unique spelling of it.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Laura McIntyre said...

Your doggies sound adorable, spoiled yes but that is what a mummies job is for

Michele said...

I spoil my cat so bad. I haven't any children, it's just my hubby and I so yeh, my cat is like my child probably just like you take care of your daughter. . Hehehe... so it's the most pampered thing on the face of the earth... oh well... he means everything to me.