Friday, August 10, 2007

Random Photo's

Something about (She did that to her hair)

The calm before the storm. That was a scary site!!

Chopper attacking the hose.
Harley trying to get the hose. (Chopper in the background)


craziequeen said...

Back from Michele's...... :-)

I adore these pictures of Harley and Chopper.....aren't dogs cute with hoses?


Laura McIntyre said...

Something about Ryleigh HE HE HE , ohh cute dogs to

Michele said...

Ok, now your blog is amazing... I loved reading it. The picture of Ryleigh was just so cute.. I laughed and thought he was cute as a bug! The stormy sky looked amazing... that must've been quite a sight! The dogs were awesome... how I wish I could get a dog so bad... damn, I hate apartments... but these were great pics!