Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy day yesterday!

Yesterday I has an eye appt at walmart. (Follow up to see about the contacts) I picked my sister up at 10am, so she could keep an eye on Ryleigh while I went back to the appt. After the appt we took Ryleigh to see daddy and talked for a little bit. Then we looked around walmart. Rona had a few things she needed for school, and I needed a few things to start my sewing adventure. After that Rona went into Bed, Bath and Beyond. I stayed in the car with the sleeping princess. Then it was off to ToysRus to return the umbrella stroller. The rubber handle broke. Then I found out that that stroller was discontinued and the only way to get the same one was to wait 3 + weeks for a store to store transfer, or get the plain dumb purple/black one. That was the only one remotly "girly". So we went with purple :( (I learned a return trick from Carly. Create a registry and put that item on it as "bought". It makes for a hassle free return! Thanks Carly)

Then, off to Gabes to get more stuff for Rona, and to look around for Ryleigh things. The only thing I found was 2 red doggie collars for $.49!!! Great deal! Then off to DHHR so they could copy a paper they needed. After that I dropped Rona off at the house and went HOME. By that time it was almost 3pm! I put Ryleigh down for a nap and asked Beverly to help me with the sewing machine. To make a long story short I was on the phone with her and looking at her web cam for about 30 min or more and it didnt work :( I did find a free manual online for it, I just have to find somewhere to print it out. Its 20 pages....yikes! I have a printer with ink, but its not compatable with Vista. So anyway, the sewing is on hold till I figure out the machine. I did find out that my machine is 15 years old! WOW. Older things seem to be made better, so Im hoping it still works. I really want to learn to sew!


Laura McIntyre said...

Busy day, those can be fun.
Good luck with the sewing machine, i would love to sew to (Jessica B makes me jealous) but even if i got a machine no idea how would find the time

Mrs. Thacker said...