Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am entering Ryleigh in a local contest. The deadline is the 31st. Ive been taking some pictures of her this week trying to get that "perfect" shot. Ive gotten some cute ones, but nothing that screams "im the one". All the pictures of all the contestants will be in the september issue of the Ohio Valley Parent. (the magazine she was in this month. Click here to see her article) The readers then get to vote on who they think is the best. If you would like to vote for Ryleigh, I will post on September 1st or 2nd how you can vote for her. I think that you have to send them snail mail, which is the downside of it. I hope they have something online that you can just click, but I doubt it. It would mean the world to me if you would vote for her. If she wins she will be the COVER GIRL on the October issue! How cool would that be! Next stop....HOLLYWOOD...lol.


Laura McIntyre said...

Hope you get the perfect picture soon, it can be so hard to get the perfect shot. Good luck with the contest