Monday, August 27, 2007

Busy day yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day. We decided to go to church with Ryleigh. We haven't been there in a while. I want to start going every Sunday again. Anyway, we go to the 11:30 service. That way DH can sleep and we don't have to rush around getting ready in the morning. Ryleigh did very well. She loved the singing! When It came time for the preacher to talk she got a little restless. We sat her on the floor and gave her some toys and Bobby would give her puffs. We were there for about an hr, then she was getting tired, so we left. The service was coming to a close anyway, so we didn't miss much. Bobby and I are contemplating dropping her off at the nursery. I'm not comfortable with leaving her there the whole time, but when she gets tired it would be nice to let her lay in a crib and sleep if they have them. Next Sunday we are going to go in early and check out the nursery and talk with them. Not sure if we will leave her there or not though.

After that we ran an errand and came home. Bobby slept on the couch, and Ryleigh took a long nap. Then we got ready to go to Heathers graduation party. I went to HS with her and some college. She is now a doctor in Audiology. WTG Heather! Ryleigh was sitting in a high chair for at least 1 1/2 hrs and did great. It was a dinner party at the Bella Via....mmmm! She played with her toys and ate her dinner and some of mine. At one point there was a little boy, almost 2yrs, that started crying. Ryleigh started mocking him and making crying/whining sounds. Then the little boy got louder and Ryleigh started to cry! I was laughing of course! Below is a picture of her sitting in her high chair at the table.