Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hard decision

I have a hard decision to make. When I go back to MOP's this year I was told that mothers of babies over the age of 6mo.'s are going to be encouraged to send them to the nursery. :( She will be 9mo old tomorrow and Im very proud to say that I have never left her with a stranger. When Bobby and I decided to try and get pregnant we had a long talk. We decided that he would work and I would stay home with the baby. We knew it was going to be hard and we would have to make several sacrafices, but we were willing to do that. (I do realize this isnt an option for every family, so please don't send me hate mail. This is a chioce that was made for my family). We also made the decision that my mom or his mom would be the only ones watching the baby for a while. There has only been 1 occation that she has been left with someone other than my mom or MIL. Anyway, about MOP's....last year we met in a room downstairs in the building and the nursery was upstairs. I didnt feel comftrable with that at all. This year I was told that we would be right beside the nursery and I could tend to her whenever I wanted to or they needed me to. Which is better. The first meeting that we have back in the building is Sept 14th. Im going to go early and check out the nursery and talk with the staff that will be in there with Ryleigh. Im sure I will have a list of questions. After I meet with them and check everything out I will make a decision. I will let you know how it goes.


~Cathy~ said...

I'm sorry... but that is ridiculous. You should not be forced to leave your child in childcare so that you can attend a mothers' group. The one I go to encourages mothers to keep their children with them. Some keep two years olds with them. If you are not comfortable leaving her, then you shouldn't.

That being said... lol... I *am* planning to have Nicholas stay in the childcare at my moms' group. The difference though is that I am familiar with the ladies who do the childcare. AND I am not uncomfortable with leaving him. Heck, I look forward to the coupel of hours break I'll get. LOL The baby room is only a walk across the gym so I can always go get him if I need to.

Laura McIntyre said...

I agree with Cathy its completly rediculous you should be forced to leave her. You sound like you have good plan though, just don't leave her if you don't feel comfy. Its why i had such a hard time with Rebecca and playgroup as neither girls have been left before

Kimberly said...

I'm not familiar with MOP's. What exactly is that?

Indiana Amy said...

From one SAHM to another, it may be in the best interest of everyone. I am just like you, I never leave the peanut with anyone (she's 18 months old now), but during church and MOPS I do put her in the nursery, and now preschool area. She has so much more fun with the other kids and doing age appropriate activities than she does just sitting on my lap, listening to speakers and so on. It gives me a chance to socialize with other mom's, gives me a break and also gives her a break. It also allows other people to focus on what they came for an no interruptions.

It is definitely your choice and what you are comfortable with, but that is what I would consider.

Have a good day!