Thursday, August 23, 2007

Im on a roll this week!

So far I have called 3 people yelling at them. #1 Netzero. I cancelled with them on MARCH....yes you heard that right MARCH! I noticed I was still getting billed monthly for $7.45 a month. That might not be alot, but it adds up! The lady said "Mam your account is still active" I said "No, some moron didnt cancel it when I called in MARCH. I bet if you check your records you will see I was paying $16 something and they just dropped it down but didnt cancel it! Pretty sneaky! I want the money back in my account TODAY!" I got my money back!

#2 A medical bill for Bobby that was from JUNE and they STILL have not billed the ins. company for it and for some reason they think im going to fork over almost $300 for it! THINK AGAIN!

#3 My stupid nerologist! I went in on july 17th for an appt, and STILL have not been called back and told whats wrong or how to fix it! Thats been about 5 weeks ago. They have the nerve to send me a bill though! I called and said " I just recieved a bill. I have 3 problems with that #1 I have a charity card that should have paid for it. #2 I have insurance. and #3 your billing me and STILL havent told me whats wrong with me. " The responce "Well your chart is on his desk" Me: "You told me that the last 3 weeks! I understand that hes busy, and I understand that its not your fault, but 5 weeks is ABSOLUTLY REDICULOUS!" Ao now im STILL waiting on that call back.


Christina said...

You go girl! Wanna call some people for me???

Carmi said...

You're not the first person I've heard who's had trouble with Netzero. Some companies just don't seem to get the customer service thing.

Good on you for challenging the other two medical muck-ups. Is it just me or are all Docs' offices similarly unable to put two and two together? Kinda scary when one considers that we put our lives in these people's hands.


Michele sent me to your delightful blog tonight to wish you a great weekend with your lovely family. First tooth: how cool is that!

Carly said...

LOL You sound like me!! I cannot stand insurance/doctors office issues!!! I have issues everytime I take the kids in for after hours visits!!! UGH!